10 Lines on Freedom Fighters in English for Kids

By: Sr vini

Searching for some short sentences about Freedom Fighters? Find best lines on Freedom Fighters for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 students, which help in to solve homework problems on how to write on topic Freedom Fighters.

  • These are those persons who gave great contribution in the battle for freedom.
  • Different persons have different contributions in the freedom fight.
  • Freedom Fighters made India free from Britishers.
  • They sacrificed their life for our country.
  • Freedom Fighters are known as real heroes of our country.
  • Some of the freedom fighters are Subhash chandra bose, Mahatma Gandhi etc..
  • They showed their true love for the country.
  • They fought for the people of the country to make them free.
  • Freedom Fighters are proud of our country.
  • They had provided selfless services to the country.
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