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  • Aryabhatta was a mathematician.
  • He was born in india.
  • He was the first person who invented zero in India.
  • He was a great astronomer also.
  • He did many great inventions in the field of mathematics.
  • He also discovered approximation to pi.
  • He also did many inventions in the field of astronomy.
  • Aryabhatta had a great hand in the success of mathematics today.
  • He had also written many mathematics literatures.
  • He is a very well known personality till date.
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Aryabhatta  Essay Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Aryabhatta is a great mathematician of India.
  • He wrote a book called Aryabhatta .
  • He only discovered the void.
  • Aryabhatta was also an astronomer.
  • Aryabhatta was also the Chancellor of Nalanda University.
  • He was one of the Navratnas of Chandragupta II.
  • Aryabhatta was born in Kusumpur.
  • The Dashamlav system was also given by Aryabhatta .
  • He also composed a book called Surya Siddhanta.
  • He proved that the Earth revolves around the Sun.