Road Safety Rules – Should Be Followed By Every Child, Drivers and Pedestrians

By: Sr vini

Road safety rules 🚥♿

To be safe on the road, all the rules of road safety should be known, for this, we have to understand all the rules of a safe driving which is very important, these rules of being safe on the road are as follows.

🚓The first and easiest rule of road safety is to maintain a certain distance from your forwarding vehicle so that you can get a chance to cope with the sudden stoppage of the moving vehicle and also case of  accident,  on the road mainly 2 seconds rule should be adopted which means that, as much as your vehicle determines the distance in 2 seconds, keep the distance from the vehicle, but in some condition such as the weather is bad and the correct condition of the road It is also right to increase this distance. Especially during the night, during the snow and rainy season.

🚕The second rule while driving the vehicle in terms of road safety is that whenever you stop your vehicle from behind another vehicle, you should see the road under the previous tires of that vehicle, it means that your vehicle will have at least 4 feet,  This  distance is enough to easily rotate the vehicle standing in front of you, apart from the sudden collision of the vehicle in front of it also be stopped, this condition  mainly  create in hilly area.

🚎The third rule to stay safe on the road is the MSM rule. Which means the mirror signal, whenever driving a vehicle, always make a map of the scene around you with the help of the mirror, and control your vehicle accordingly. If you want to see the rear vehicle used the rear mirror, and side mirrors used to see the scene of your right and left, this mirror based on convex lens. Which means that as the vehicle approaches its size increases

🚑Use the signal  Before diverting the vehicle, blind spots should be checked by the neck above the shoulders,

🚔Give the path to emergency vehicle.

🚆Should always slow down your vehicle on the Pedestrian crosswalk, if the person walking on foot is crossing the path, then they should reduce the speed of their vehicle so that they can easily cross the path.

🚜We should not turn our vehicle on the corner suddenly, we should divide the road into two parts of the middle line and turn it to the same level so that the vehicle coming from the other side is not face the problem.