Current Affairs of Today (7 September 2020)

Indian Space Research Organisation recently launched a program for young school student special for 8 + class, for the purpose of increasing science and satellite related thinking and innovative idea, the name of the program in young scientist program.

UNCCD 14 session host by India for tackle the various land-related problem due to high usage of resource in the land,  the full form of UNCCD is United Nation convention to combat desertification.

Stefan Lofven becomes Prime minister of Sweden second time.

Space entertainment is now the reality, Japan recently launched a satellite which creates shooting Stars for you from 2020, the first city which receive the rain of this artificial shooting star will be Hiroshima, 

Diffo Bridge Recently inaugurates by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in northeast state Arunachal Pradesh, the state receives the various number of bridge and highway from last some year, which is really important due to the location of the state.

Award winner poet writer Toyota Mary Jane Oliver recently died she is belonging to US country.

Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) standard life insurance change its name to HDFC Life Insurance, 

Recently Uzbekistan agrees to supply uranium to India, this statement is recently issued when Indian pm and Uzbekistan pm meet in Gujrat.

For the purpose of improving tourism between India and ASEAN country the meeting of India minister ( with Indian tourism minister ) and ASEAN member held in Vietnam. 

For the purpose of improving the country defense export and make India self-sufficient in defense. the 2nd innovation hub of Defence now set up in Maharashtra City Nashik, now country home of two defense innovation hub, first one is situated in Tamil Nadu Coimbatore.

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