500 Words Short Essay on Road Safety For School Student of Various Classes

By: Sr vini

Essay on Road SafetyπŸšΆπŸš—β›Ÿβ›™πŸš·

In today’s modern era, due to the lack of proper information about driving and not knowing the various rules of traffic properly, people walking on the streets became very insecure. If we talk about India, then the situation is horror here, About one and a half lakh people lose life in a road accident, this is a large loss to human life. In addition to this, many were injured in the accident. even injured person’s family also faces too many difficulties.so road safety is really a matter of concern.

In the last 10 years, the situation has worsened as the road accident has registered an increase of almost 50 percent in the last decade if we compare the road accidents happening in India with the data of foreign country, the position of India is very bad. You can also guess from here the fact that less than 2% of the world’s vehicle is in India while more than 10% world accident are in India.

If we talk about road safety then it is mainly three things that are responsible. One is the person who is driving the vehicle, example – the driver and the behavior, the condition of vehicle, and in the last is the condition and status of the roads, Road safety depends on all three things The most important of which is the skill of the vehicle rider and its control over the vehicle, due to the growing population resource is limited so today, every person has to drive hard and rapidly to go there destination quickly. which create danger situation on road.

People are not using a seat belt or helmet using a vehicle and go very fast, which is not a good rule of road safety, due to which such person not only hurts himself but also dangerous for the other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, this situation is extremely alarming. Various reasons are responsible for this, in which the system of making our licenses and the use of the vehicle not according to our needs.

But the situation can be improved by we should keep in mind all the traffic rules and road safety, because when there is an accident, only one person does not suffer but the entire family, as well as the entire country, lose resources. so Drive on the road with great presence of mind.

Because driving is not a foolproof task, it is a very important task, in which we have to make a decision in our vigilance response and in extreme circumstances, therefore always driving like a responsibility, only then the valuable authority of driving will be respected.

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