Geotechnical Engineering | Soil mechanics – Basic Definition and Explanation

By: Sr vini

For a better understanding of the term like soil mechanics, Geotechnical engineering. first knows what is the meaning of word soil.
The soil word derived From the Latin word Solium (meaning- Upper Layer Of Earth That May Be Dug Or Plowed )(Specially Loose Surface Material Of Earth which plant Grow)
In Agronomy Above Definition Used For World Soil  Means Material Which Plant Grow.
In Geology Earth crust assume To Consist of Unconsolidated Sediment Called Mental And Upper layer we called soil

 Now In Geotech or Soil Engineering, we divide above definition in two-term top soil and Soil. topsoil should be removed Before construction because it contains organic matter.

Geotechnical Engineering
NOW Technical Definition of soil –

an unconsolidated Material (which contents Water present and in lose stage) Composed of Solid Particle  Produced By Disintegration of Rock. the void space between Particle May Contains air, water, or both. also may contain Organic matter
The soil Particle  can be separate by Such Mechanical means as Agitation (throw water reaction)

Soil Mechanics

We know soil consists of different solid particles which not solid strong Bonded as solid, and nor like Fluid-Particle.
So behavior is Intermediate Between them, from these hints we can say  Soil Structure come from this two material structure.
Now Definition Of soil Mechanics can be written –  It is application Of Law Of Mechanics And Hydraulics To engineering Problem Dealing with sediment and other unconsolidated accumulation  of solid particles Produced By Mechanical and Chemical Disintegration of rock
so soil mechanics is, therefore, a branch of mechanics which deal with the action of force on soil and with the flow of water in the soil

Definition of Soil Engineering

Some Relation or principal manufacture in soil mechanics by Fluid or solid, fitting these relations in practical Problem of engineering and deal with these principals called soil engineering.  It is Broader then soil Mechanics.

 GeoTechnical Engineering 

Its broader of all Previous Term it contains which we read and contains knowledge about many Other things.

Soil engineering + Rock Mechanics + Geology = Geotechnical engineering