Essay on Pollution free Green Diwali

By: Sr vini

 Green Diwali Essay

Diwali has always been a festival of happiness As soon as the festival comes, there is a lustful in the markets all around. It seems that we have come to a different world

The vastness of the Diwali festival is revealed at night Because it seems as if the sun has come to the earth due to fireworks and house lights,

But amidst this happy environment, we pollute the environment very much,

Especially smoke and noise emanating from firecrackers affects not only humans but also animals and birds on a large scale,

But if we want, we can give a good message by making a Green Diwali, And give our share in environmental protection,

For this, we just have to take care of some small things,

First of all, we have to reduce or stop using Chinese light, which is used in very high quantity on Diwali, Because it not only wastes money but also spreads light pollution on a very large scale.

With this, the earth’s resources are also used unnecessarily to generate electricity.

Apart from this, a lot of firecrackers are burnt on the night of Diwali, which causes a lot of pollution.
Which causes diseases,

Due to this, animals and birds are affected in a large amount and waste our hard earned money, which we could use to improve our life using the right place.

But if we want we can change all these things For this, the time it took us to burn firecrackers, in that time we could make a nice rangoli so that our art would also improve,

Not only this, instead of electrical light, we can burn lamps, that too in small amounts,

In this way, we will give a good signal to the society by making an eco-friendly Diwali. And will also feel proud

Essay on Pollution free Green Diwali
Essay on Pollution free Green Diwali