ᐅ BEST, Short Essay About Diwali in English For Class 2,3,4,5 Students

By: Sr vini

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Short essay on Diwali

short essay on Diwali
short essay on Diwali

Diwali is a traditional Indian Hindu festival which is celebrated by all type of religion in India. This is Mainly come in the month of October and November or the 20th days of Dussehra Because On the Dussehra Lord Rama kill the symbol Of Evil Ravan, and Lord Shri Ram take 20 days to come to his home state Ayodhya,

The people of Ayodhya warmly welcoming him with flowers, sweet, fireworks, Lighting. Full Ayodhya is decorated Like married Ceramony, this is the  Story Behind festival of Diwali. which is celebrated till today On Diwali festival people buying new things specially furniture clothes jewellery.

In the evening of Diwali prayer of Mata Laxmi is done. And after the prayer, sweet is exchange between relative friends and neighbors.

Diwali is mainly celebrated in 5 days which contain Dhanteras Bhaiya Dooj Govardhan puja Choti Diwali and Main Diwali.

Diwali gives strong bonding to our culture and our relation, When we come together we find the importance of each one, also Diwali festival gives relax to the mind and work like meditation to our mind.

We should also take inspiration from the beautiful festivals of this Diwali, So that we can become good citizens and good students