ᐅ BEST Essay About How i Spend My DIWALI Vacation in English For Students

By: Sr vini

Diwali holidays are also fun but when we come to know that our teacher has given us to write Essay on Diwali holidays. So we get into thinking because we will not have to write the same beans to beans as we enjoy on holidays. To overcome this dilemma, we have brought Essay on Diwali holidays. With the help of which all the students of the class can do their work easily.

My Diwali Vacation Essay

Diwali festival brings more day holidays than other festivals, so This time, I finished my vacation homework very quickly and spent my holidays in a very good way.

2 days before Diwali I went with the family and brought clothes from the market, The whole market was illuminated with lights and new things, Coming the same, I had dinner with the family in a hotel,

Not only this, we cleaned the house 1 day ago and decorated the house with things made of paper.

This time Diwali brought the best Diwali of my life, Because we decided to make eco-friendly Diwali this time,

For this I and my school friend Rohan came to my house where we planted a tree, Because trees not only give pure air and shade in summer, they also become birds’ home,

After this in the afternoon we pimped the birds, Because birds have to face a lot of trouble due to fireworks at night,

That is why this time we resolved to make Diwali without firecrackers

At night I worshiped Goddess Lakshmi with my family And prayed for good health and good future for all

 After this we went to the Diwali program happening in our locality Where our neighbors programmed a DJ night together Everyone danced there and enjoyed themselves

This is how Diwali went very well for me And on celebrating such a good Diwali, I get praise from my family members.

My Diwali Vacation Essay
My Diwali Vacation Essay