ᐅ BEST 10 Lines • Importance of Trees Essay in English • For Students

By: Sr vini

  1. Trees are home to birds
  2. These are our true friends
  3. It gives us oxygen
  4. Trees give us delicious fruits
  5. Trees add beauty to the city
  6. It gives shadow in summer
  7. Trees bring rain
  8. A lot of herbs are made from these
  9. They protect our environment
  10. We can’t live on earth without trees
few Lines on Importance of trees essay
10 Lines on Importance of Trees

Essay on Importance of Trees Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Trees have great importance in our lives.
  • We get oxygen from trees.
  • We should not cut down trees.
  • We get a lot of fruits from trees.
  • We also get shade from trees.
  • Trees are necessary to protect our environment.
  • The house of birds is built on trees.
  • It cannot rain if there are no trees.
  • We also get fuel and wood from trees.
  • Trees absorb absorbent carbon dioxide.