ᐅ BEST 10 Lines Essay on Environmental Pollution in English For Students

By: Sr vini

Looking for short essay which give summry on pollution, check this post if your are student of various classes  so that they can know that topic well and there is no problem in understanding Because written in simple language. Which will give you detailed information about Pollution Which, in today’s competition phase, will make it better student than others in the future.

10 Lines on Pollution

  • Pollution means our natural resources have to be contaminated for any reason. These resources are essential for life on earth.
  • Pollution is mainly of three types, in which water, air, and noise pollution come, besides these land pollution and pollution by plastic is also pollution types.
  • Smoke emanating from vehicles is one of the main causes of air pollution
  • Waste from households and factories, entry into water sources cases water pollution
  • Due to the increasing pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly,  which give the result of glaciers melting
  • The number of animal birds species has declined sharply due to the increasing pollution.
  • Due to the variety of chemicals used in farming, today there has been a significant reduction in the fertilizer capacity of the land,  also huge pollution of land is increased
  • Due to the increasing pollution, millions of people are becoming victims of new diseases and are losing their precious lives.
  • One of the main reasons for pollution is tree cutting, so we should do plantations in more quantities
  • Pollution is a serious problem and we need to be aware of it,  resources should be used only if you really need so that our future can be secure.
few lines on pollution essay
few lines on pollution