ᐅ BEST 10 Lines Essay About Myself in English For School Children

By: Sr vini


  • My name is Pinku and I study in Happy school. I am 10 years old student of class 5.
  • I wake up at 6:00 in the morning then cleaning my face and done brushing.
  • I often go to the park for a while with my grandfather in the morning
  • I am ready to take bath for the school and  school bus pick me at  8:00 AM
  • I sit at the front of the teacher desk  and after coming home I am the first done the homework given by the teacher
  • Well, I pay attention to all the topics, but my favorite subject is English. I enjoy reading English poems and stories.
  • In the evening I and my friends gather in the park and play cricket. I love playing cricket and I bowl very fast
  • My dad done job in the bank and mother is a housewife. It makes a very nutritious and delicious food which I am very love to eat.
  • We have 6 members in the family and live together with love. My grandfather always teaches me and everyone to talk with love and respect.
  • We eat dinner together at night and do not wake up for long. I live happily with my family and pray to God to give such a family to everyone.

few lines on myself
few lines on myself