ᐅ BEST Short Essay on Internet with its Advantages and Disadvantages in English For Students

By: Sr vini

Searching for short internet essay which help you to understanding of internet chek this short artical on Internet in english because best way Telling them about the Advantages and Disadvantages through this is essay on Internet, the reason is we know Ever since the internet has come into the world, it is as if the revolution has come in the world  we can see a person living thousands of kilometers away with just one click. And you can get information about anything, because of the Internet, the lives of students and all people have become very simple. Given its importance, it becomes very important to write an essay on Internet

Essay on internet

The Internet represents today’s modern era, which makes us aware that we are living our life in modern times because with the internet we are able to do things which seemed impossible 30 years ago.

Never before has a revolution in the world been so rapid with the development of the Internet,

Today, whether you want to talk to a person sitting from one corner of the world to another or send your messages or pictures, all is done in 1 second. And all this was only due to the internet

These examples are too small Due to internet, we can take any information of the world at home. And we don’t have to go to anyone We can order our favorite goods with one click. Which was possible only due to the Internet.

But all this did not happen immediately, for this, the scientists worked hard and gave their precious time, due to which the Internet has become such a big thing in today’s modern era.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages If we talk about the benefits of internet, then it is countless It not only made our life easier, but also made the transaction so simple which was never there before,

But some people have become addicted to it Especially students and young people, they spend a lot of time on Internet products, social media and almost forget their real life. It is very dangerous.

We should use our time properly and understand the importance of time, only then we will be able to achieve our goal because time flows continuously like water. And does not come back once gone

Therefore, we should take good information from the Internet and use it properly.

short Essay on Internet for students