ᐅ BEST, Short Essay on How i Celebrated Diwali Festival in English For Students

By: Sr vini

How i Celebrate Diwali Essay

How i Celebrate Diwali Essay

Diwali festival is very fun because we get different types of sweets to eat and fresh new clothes to wear. Not only this, the fun of traveling with family and friends during the holiday season is different,

I always have a lot of fun on diwali, But now I have stopped making fireworks on Diwali

Which was suggested by my teacher and parents and I started making you an eco friendly Diwali,

For this, first of all I wake up in the morning and wash my bath with my sister and make Rangoli in the courtyard of my house. That gives experience of working together,

After this I take sweets to my friends and relatives house and congratulate them on Diwali,

As winter almost starts during Diwali So my friend and I take permission from the family and give our old clothes to poor and destitute people,

 So that they can get some help, I also give them sweets so that they feel good,

After coming home, I brought a plant Which I put in the bed of my house, Last Diwali, I planted a Guava tree which has started giving fruit now.

In the evening I go to see the fair in the market with my family, which seems to be just a few distance from our house. There are different types of swings,

After this we come home and worship Goddess Lakshmi so that our mind remains calm And we get to know the right path,

On the night of Diwali, all of us neighbors gather and ask each other’s well-being. So that our relationship is strong, Like every year, this time too we all donated to a stray animal care organization, So that they can also be taken care of,

That’s how i make my diwali And feel proud to be a member of this beautiful and lovely Diwali