ᐅ BEST, Short Essay About Global Warming in English For Students

By: Sr vini

Searching for Global warming essay which help you to understanding of Global Warming chek this short artical on Global Warming in english because it is crisis that can haunt us a lot in the coming times, for this we need to face it together and protect our earth, the biggest contribution today’s students can give if they are environmentally conscious To do is the best way Telling them about the changes in the environment through this Global Warming Essay.


Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth or an unwanted change in the Earth’s natural balance, Today global warming is a subject on which we talk But never properly follow its rescue measures,

The number of industries in the world has grown at a very fast pace since the Industrial Revolution, Because of this, the smoke and toxic substances emanating from them go directly into our atmosphere. And damage the layers of air that protect us in this atmosphere, as we also call the ozone layer

If we talk about today’s modern times, then in the last few years, the number of vehicles has increased at such a high speed on the roads. So that the smoke emanating from them is making people living in cities very hard.

In addition to human activities such as frequent felling of trees, flow of toxic chemicals from the industry into the water, coal fired plants, And the excessive use of natural resources is also included in the cause of global warming.

Somehow they harm our environment for some reason. Along with this, our aquatic and land animals are also brought to the brink of extinction. Due to all these activities, the temperature of the earth is increasing very worryingly today.

Some countries must have reached the state of water in the next 20 years. The reason for this is the rapid melting of the glaciers present on the peaks of our poles and mountains. Because the temperature of the earth is rising So even at these places the temperature is increasing and the snow is melting

The creatures living on our north and south poles who kept their existence alive for thousands of years are also disappearing very fast due to human activity in the last 100 years. Today, unseasonal rain, or no rain, is due to our activities and global warming.

For this, we need to get out from the world of the social media of the Internet. Work a little while for your beautiful planet And plant trees and Use vehicles as much as possible  whenever necessary And store rainwater so that we can use it when needed. Only then will our only home in the solar system be safe

short essay on global warming for students