ᐅ BEST, Short • Computer Essay in English • For Students

By: Sr vini

Looking at the advantages of computer in our daily work we have written a short essay on computer because Ever since the invention of the computer, it has changed our life constantly. And today all our work is done with the help of computer,  the Computer has changed every class students’ lives completely and in today’s times working in companies has become very easy.


Computer is a revolutionary discovery of human history Which has greatly influenced the way we live, Especially for the last 20 years, we cannot imagine today’s era without computers, Today, whether you go to work in the bank or to withdraw money in ATM or fill a school or job form, computer is available everywhere. With the help of internet in computer we can talk very easily with any person sitting from one corner of the world to the other.

The work which previously required a lot of hard work and a lot of people Today, that work, with the help of computer Takes place in a very short time

But it didn’t happen quickly, For this, research and hard work were done by scientists for years, Today we see the result of hardwork they did, and That the first computer which used to be the size of a room, has become the size that we hold in our hands today becomes possible.

Even nowadays touch screen is the era of computers If we talk about mobile phones then that too is the result of computer revolution

All these things show that computer has made a deep impact on human life. But we should use it according to the need, It has often been seen that students and youth spend a lot of time at the computer watching gaming, songs, movies. Which is a waste of our precious time We should see these things in a certain amount, So that we can make a better future by using this revolutionary tool.