ᐅ BEST 100 Words Essay About Diwali in English For Kids Students

By: Sr vini

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DIWALI Essay For Kids (100 Words)

Short 100 Word essay on Diwali for kids
Short 100 Word essay on Diwali for kids

Diwali is a major Indian festival which celebrated across the world for remembering the victory on the bad thing by the good things. The history behind this festival is Lord Rama defeat Ravan of Lanka and come to his home Nagari Ayodhya.

People of Ayodhya warm welcome Lord Rama, Sita Mata and Laxman with the deya light and exchange the sweet to each other.

The tradition of celebrating Diwali has been going on since that day and hence Diwali is called the festival of lamps. 

this is celebrated very joyfully in Indian. People of different religions all like Sikh, Muslim, Christian and Hindu celebrate Diwali to improve the bonding between Indian culture. 

also, the people whose living outside the India celebrate Diwali with proudly.

The various type of shopping is done by family member specially by the child and lots of fireworks are done at night.

This is why we celebrate and everyone love this beautiful festival of lite called Diwali.