Short Essay on Computer Games For Students

By: Sr vini

Essay on Computer Games

Since computers were invented It has been continuously getting better and today it has become a part of our daily program And with this help, we can do many different kinds of work easily. Which has made our lifestyle very easy But today we will talk about the aspect of its entertainment or say games

Computer Games Essay

Computer games are famous all over the world and the industry has become worth billions of rupees. The reason is entertainment Everyone has to keep doing something to be active in their daily routine. And by playing games we forget all the fatigue and start having fun Because today’s computer games are based on great graphics Which gives a lot of experience to the person playing them

Often students play online games with their friends to refresh their mood after studying Due to the recent Corona epidemic, when all the students and other people are sitting at home, computer games are playing a big role in their entertainment.

Many computer games like chess puzzle not only give us entertainment but also develop our mental development.

But like everything, computer games have a lot of disadvantages. In particular, we often forget about the bad effects on our body because there is very little physical activity in computer games. So our body starts being lazy

Apart from this, while playing the game, our entire focus is on the computer screen, which has a very bad effect on our eyes. Even due to computer games, they are unable to do their studies carefully and they get addicted.

Therefore, limited amount of computer games should be played and as much attention should be paid to physical games as possible, only then both our body and brain will be healthy, Because there is nothing better than health