Why my Motivation Gone after Some time Of watching Motivational Things.

By: Sr vini

when a Person watches or read any motivational related topic or video they feel a high energy of doing something, their goal increase beyond the limit and feel the top of the world But After some time everything is gone and most of the person feel zero motivation. Today I talk about this Grate Declination and why it happened.

Why Motivation Gone

Imagin you are an Athletic of 100-meter race and seeing a motivational video of Usain bolt world record-breaking documentary you Feel a very high pump and set a target which is more than Usan bolt, But This is your first Mistake,
When you go to the track and start practice Now one week gone then two weeks and finally month( Most not Motivated Til full month all down after one Week) gone but you realize yours not near the Olympic champion. and start demoralizing yourself and short your target then practice but after some time you realize this is also hard and you again short your goal and at the end, you gain nothing.

These all above discuss concept is practical in every category no matter you are an athlete or student or a Business Person

Now the reason behind these are emotion, every human is an emotional Fool when you watch any motivational thing you are going to a sea of emotion. you set your target without any planning without any research, 

Every time when watch motivational related thing do proper scheduling and proper research related to your goal. divide your target into little steps and then start working on it, when you achieve these short goal you feel motivated and focus properly on the next target then finally achieve your main goal.
So Try to stop Your Brain To be an emotional fool because it’s controllable. Leaning and Achieving something take time, no one become genius in one day there is the large process behind Him.

the one pro tips is set small target because its give smile and energy for next target,