What is Porosity of soil definition, Formula & Equation

By: Sr vini

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Porosity of soil –

Porosity refers to little hole or pores in the soil mass. these hole filled by water and air.

porosity look same as void ratio by definition but the difference between these are porosity defines how much is total holes as compared to total volume.

But voids ration define total hole as compare to solids.

if you visualize then see porosity not go above 1 as compare to voids ratio. because voids volume never increases above total volume.

Porosity is Denoted by (n) and is formula is e = Vv/V

there is a one most important 👉relation between void ratio and porosity👈. which used in many soil mechanics problem.

its recommended to see that relation

the denseness of soil measure from porosity and also from void ratio because as porous in soil decrease the denseness of soil increase. if pore value is more then soil become loose.