Top 9 things topper done during study brake

By: Sr vini

When you think study brack only one thing strike in your mind which is quite the study related thing and its time for chill.but this make different between topper and normal student, topper always chose study related activity during the break. which  give the boost to his mind
every one wants brake after study, this is natural things but some people do some unique thing which produced topper and the remaining person do the common thing which makes a common student, today I talk about all topper strategy which topper did during a study break.

Things topper done during study brake

1. Clean study Desk –
its one of the topper habit they clear his study desk when try to go into the break, this makes you sincere to the study and also good for your nature
2. interlinking –
interlinking means try to link difficult formula or theorem with inside or outside study thing for easy remembering page summary – 
prepare a one-page summary which you learn, and used its page to solving everything that you learn in the whole day latest notes
A quick review of your notes which give a proper ending of your study efforts.
5. Done assignment
Try to solve the related question which you learn during the study
6. gain motivation – 
try to watch the motivational story and interview during brake which gives bost to your goal.
7.bookmark –
 if you are given time to access the internet during break try to bookmark important article and page which is helpful in future and its also increase your collection of good product.
8. Visualization – 
When going to break try to visualize the thing which you learn this give boost to your concept.

9. Flow diagram- 

Prepare a Diagram Which Shows all which you learn and try to interrelate these things.