Top 5 Quality You Should Follow to become a topper

By: Sr vini

There is always some different quality in topper as compare to the normal student. which make a topper. these are not any super power or big things its simply some life improving thing that anyone Gain by controlling yourself,

Quality of Topper You Should Follow

1.Self MOtivation – 

Be self-motivated every time, if you think you can do this, always stand on this, sometimes people say there is big competition on these days, this competition is impossible to clear, this exam is only for extraordinary student, ignore these all this, because what people say is not matter your attitude matter so never died your attitude, be crazy in doing things it makes people crazy.

2. Why-

this is not a single word it’s a full journey from your starting to your goal achievement. why are you prepare for this exam or other things, every person know his passion or decided passion but if you dont know why it necessary to complete this you never run a long race and never prepare properly and destination always maintains distance with the person who dont knows Why.

3. Quality Focus – 

Ever time you study to maintain a quality, not quantity. Some people cover the 6-month syllabus in 1 week but in actual is they really cover syllabus and answer is no, they know nothing about the topic because, in reality, their hearth knows everything, what is his standard. if you prepare for competition exam and present the answer by your own logic not matter this logic is wrong or right, this means your forces are not clear and you need to improve it.

4.Self-awareness – 

every time no matter you are in study or you is on a life journey be loyal with yourself. because every person knows his reality so dont make distance with your weak point in the study. improved the weak point and feel the improvement this thing make you a person which never cheat on yourself.
there are tons of people who know exam syllabus exam pattern, timetable, and resources but they, not self-aware on yourself, so try to improve it and you will be net no 1.

5. See your surrounds –

We know today’s time of exam is like a race and winner are very little so its very import to analysis your surrounds. make distance with friends which not understand you and demotivate you. limit your friend circle to your thinking friends. Limit the social media activity because there is lots of time after goal achievement to going these things

Note – never go so alone so you starting boring feeling.