The Best 5 ways to concentrate on study continuously for long hours

By: Sr vini

every time when you go to the study you facing a problem related to limit means after some study time you need some rest or you attention for the study is destroyed, its a common problem in the human beings, now question is ? how its problem eliminated, first of all, its not one day’s process, you need to be consistent in process which I discuss below.

    how to concentrate on study continuously for long hours 

Brain Trains –

First of all train your brain by giving an extra 10 min. every time when you lifting from your study bench try to compromise your brain just saying hey just keep calm its not right time of quiet study it’s after 10 min, 
and when 10 minutes go try to push for another 10 min, so after some days you realize your sitting capacity Is increase and your limit is gone. 

Stop Laziness – 

you should end the laziness of your Brain and Body. Never transfer today work to tomorrow, there is always one similarity in between Succesful and fail person which is dreams, both are filled with the dream but a successful person drop is laziness and fails person keep is laziness.and at the end you know who achieve dreams.

Be limitless – 

the limit is part of past today time is only for limitless. some people try to take rest after 1 hour of study because they contain a limit meter in his mind, and when they rich this limit they try to stop itself. in today time passing Marks is not mattered, people ask your rank, so be limitless.

Motivate yourself – 

Always try to motivate yourself, its give boost to your performance, there are lots of motivational biographies, the motivational speech of Succesful person is present, try to lessen these things it gives always the good result (Note – Not watch many because its make your habits of watching. )

Create a timetable –

try to construct a diary which contains your timetable, follow its every day and at the end of the day trying to put your daily activity on the diary, its give a good management skill to you and improve your limit.