New 100 Word Short discipline essay for class 3,4,5, Student

By: Sr vini

Discipline is very important in our life and it built from childhood that’s why in the school, various type of activity which is related to discipline is performed one of them is giving the assignment of writing the essay on the discipline, We understand this so, after doing lots of research we write various type of essay on discipline with different word length which make your work easy.

essay on discipline (100 word)

Discipline word Origins from the Latin word disciplus the meaning of that in self-control. The word self-control used for a person which obtain the control to its mind strength of decision taken and the represent Property in front of someone, Basically, discipline is a training of any person to achieve correct moral character which is ideal to the society.

This training is very important in every person life to build a proper well working system throw all the institution organization, Company, School and even in the family Discipline give very important and helpful result in our life,

like increase focusing power, for giving respect in every stage in the life.

In student life discipline play very important role and due to this important of discipline various method is adopted which gave discipline in our life, Some of the examples of this method is respect between teacher and student also the dressing in school timetable in the school homework and even some other thing this all things combine together to make a well-defined discipline person which is very important for a progressive country.