Nail Care at Home Best Simple Tips

By: Sr vini

Top 3 tips How to maintain shining nail properly

the nail is very important part of a woman, a properly maintain nail care and clean nail attract everyone. they increase your beauty properly and increase your appearance in the front of someone. but many time we dont take nail care which is an important body part, which not good for a person who sees you and also for you. also, a person who nail care is free from some cleaning related disease.

so we discuss some basic step to increase your appearance in front of someone. first of all, make sure manicure and pedicure are done after some time interval this is basic of nail care which gives shining and clean look, so let’s discuss some other basic beauty tips for your nail care.

First nail care step  –

when you clean your house or something product makes sure always good quality gloves. this protects your nail from the bad material injection. and this also makes your nail polish durable. and protect your nail from scratch.

Second nail care step –

If you using low-quality nail polish just stop it. this low-quality polish contain bad chemicals which directly affect your nail shining and make nail rough. so always used good quality nail polish.

final step –

the basic and effective final step is to make sure you clean your hand properly with little warm
water after doing something. if any cream is present past it on your hand it makes your hand more beautiful.

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