How to study with concentration for exams

By: Sr vini

Improve Concentration and Focus On Study During Exam Time

The exam time The biggest challenge is to focus on the study because all the days have gone by doing Some important and unimportant work. Now Assume your Full days Gone And you go for sleep.
But Before going to sweet Dreams, Analysis the Thing which you did in whole days and What Your Brain Store, If You Overview the whole day you Find Some extra (Ex – Watch Going around yourself ) thing which your brain store and This things Affect your Road to Goal. If your analysis loyalty finds that your focus is not Proper. maximum of you learn is without any focusing.

Now the question is Why We do not focus properly and the answer is your multy minded focus, sometimes you know some extra things then not required, this extra thing always disturbed your focus. Suppose a football match is on same day of your exam so you start thinking about that, you thing what going in news,  politics, music and social media,
these all are give nothing contribution to your exam, only focus on exam syllabus if anything which you want to learn just bookmark it and learn after exam. many people which know everything about the exam fail to the Top exam because they know an extra thing,

Some people developed there own theory of focus they say this do this not do, these all are fame gainer, the only thing to improve Concentration is single-minded focus.