how to stop bad habits addictions

By: Sr vini

Stop bad habits addictions

First of all, I do not talk any magic trick because there are lots of thing like trick which not work for a long time I just talk the concept, and if you apply this concept with yourself you definitely Quit your bad habit forever.

People always love the Thing which pushes the opposite to there goal. the biggest property of the bad habit is temporary happiness and short-term reward and you go far from goal,

First of all, no one is perfect every person has a bad habit. But the dangerous thing is your thinking that you cannot quit your bad habit and this make a little space in your mind which goes wider day by day.
First of all satisfied yourself, you are not bad your habit bad and never attach bad habit with yourself, many of the people cannot stop the bad habit because they attached the bad habit yourself and make part of her life, so never include yourself with bad habit because if you include yourself then start feeling guilty and you make bad image by yourself. also, bad habit pressurizes you.

so always imagine yourself different to bad habits and this is temporary with you. and The bad habit You Dont Know what is this.