How To Prepare For Government Job With working on private Job

By: Sr vini

Firstly when you deciding to prepare for government job mean you are not satisfying in your current job and you chose this due to some reason. also, you know in long run it unstratified for your career. because next 30 plus year you need to do a job which not like by you. but all of the above things are improving when you achieve your dream job.

How To Prepare For Government Job With working on private Job

 Preparing for a job by doing a job is not an easy thing beause the person not doing the job is take many advantages as compared to you but it’s achievable and you saw many who do this. but all of those who achieve this milestone do some different than the regular person who prepares for a job, so today I talk you all of this in detail.

Perfect Planning –

First of all, you need a perfect planning, you do not target many exams just target a single exam which satisfied your goal job. also, it’s important to check the dividing time.

Used Free Time –

a person is never so busy if you plane properly and think properly. there are lots of free time even doing job. properly utilize your weekend and holiday make greate different.

Open Comunication-

always be open with your goal to your Bose and senior, build proper comunication. because your senior thinking is the matter so much in achieving your goal.

Perfect study place – 

One of the most important things is to find the perfect study Place which is Free from noise and other disturbing things like TV, Traffic, People. every time you go to the place you attract toward study related thing.

Stay Balance – 

Always Balance your life by analysis yourself, eat good healthy food and do some basic exercise in the morning. not sleep too late at night. because achieving the dream goal of losing health is not a good deal.

Used Technology- 

today technology is more advanced then never before you dont need to carry bags or book or practice sheet to preparation, these not only save the money but also save space.

Learn to Say No – 

When you doing a job there are lots of fun, social media, trips, weekend and party. if you say Yes when they invite you there is 100% chance of losing the goal, try to answer no in proper communication. Because it’s your Life and only you Improve this.

Proper sleep –

A proper sleep is very important to make you healthy not only from the body also from the mind.