how to make perfect notes for exams like Gate

Perfect notes for exams

From the today there is 6 month for gate 2018 and 18 months for gate 2020, Many of student started preparation after semester exam and some just started.

Why prepare notes-

every time when you see notes of a topper you realize they are so good also write in there own writing.
When you read a book first time its take lots of time in understanding and clearing the concept, also many extra things are given in the book. so you never want to do all things again. so you prepare note which shorting the revision period.

when you prepare note in own handwriting. you try to shorting the length which is only possible when you know concept, also in a self-write note you always remember which thing is writing on what page.

Resources For Notes - 

If you are under a coaching institute. Note resources contain Study material of reputed Institute, Past year paper, Topper Notes, if you are preparing self then collect the above resources then star preparation notes.

Way To prepare notes -
first of all, you should be know What is Mandatory in notes writen
1. Definition
2. Concept
3. Formula
Every time you prepare notes for any topic these five item is highly recomended. Because these give a complete overview of the topic.

Revision of note -
The human mind is short-term memory storage system if you do not revise your note before one month there is very high chance of losing grip to subject. so ever time you complete a subject always revise the previous subject.

Note making tips -
always left the space in a page when you write notes, I think 25 % empty space at footer is good. the region behind this is  You put extra thing related to the topic when you solve the question and learn something new.


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