How to increase memory power and concentration

A mind is like a machine if you maintain its property its capacity increase and if you dont care you definitely chance of losing its capacity, no matter you are a student or teacher, every point of view the brain power always give good result and respect in society. so today I talk about Some tips which help you to increase brain Power.

 Increase memory power and concentration

1. Drink water -
Drink water in the regular interval if you do any work, its help you to become calm and maintaining body hydration, every time when you study or doing other, make sure water bottle present at your desk.

2. Learn new Language or a new book -
Other than your profession always read or learn a new language its increase your confidence and always help in increasing mind processing power.

3.Regular Exercise -

Exercise is always beneficial to everyone, its fit and refreshes your body and increase brain power.
4. Diet and sleep -

Proper sleep gives relax to your brain from outer things it makes you calm, also healthy diet makes you healthy so always take diet which is good for your body.
5. Daily meditation -

Meditation gives you outer world experiance. its give an experience which not describe in words so always do meditation it makes you different from the rat race.