how to break social media addiction

By: Sr vini

Did you Know There is One thing which People depending highly, easily available and most of youngster and child used regularly? and cover almost half of the world population including you and your family member.
This Things addiction More than Any other bad habit and this is no age limit, everyone consumes this easily.


we call its grate addiction because this destroyed many jobs, life, and the relation of happy living person.
and people still not know what is actually behind this. also not believe they are addictive.

the person who addicts with it is always with a distance to reality. the attention span of this person is very low, they never focus on things and always sleep late and less.
if some talk with this type of person they never understand what they talking actually.

 An Experiment is conducted by a reputed company found when the segregate social media from 100 people for 100 days who used daily social media, only 3 percentage stand for 100 days without social media.

The Biggest influence of social media addiction is Child and youngster because the mind is not mature in this age. now the question is How This addiction works in practical.

First of all the social media is billions Doller industry, these companies created by the worlds most intelligent person and people who work in this company very hardworking. they plane and find little too little thing to create more influences.

For example a social media notification
you think this is a simple thing you are wrong, this is design after long study because when a notification or number come on your screen they attract you. you never stop yourself to click on that. and you don’t know how this clicking become your habit.

Lots of people don’t love social media but their friends and family member involved, so they automatically involved.

When you follow any celebrity on social media, every time they post video or image you go to check things, when they interact with video you think they talk with you and as time passes you going to be addicted, but in actual your relation with that is nothing. they do not give you a career.

So How to Manage the social media activity and answer is Fix your social media visiting an hour and Make a schedule of your activity. then see is things improved, or your social media activity reduced or not. If not Work there is a high chance you are social media addictive and you need Help