essay on problem case by increasing population

By: Sr vini

Population enhancement has become a bane for the countries around the world. population should be there but overdose of it will become an obstacle in the development of country. The whole globe is experience drastic incline in population. this is main reason of the problem not only for poor under developed country but also for industrialized and developing nation this will explain both the problem and solution in upcoming paragraph.

To begin with, the the first and foremost problem that basic need of human life will not be fulfilled because of the increasing population. apart from that proper health service cannot be a lot to the individual on the society in addition to it government will not be able to allot the facility equally to all the public for example it is found in survey that nearly 17 percent of people remain illiterate because of increase in population. To add to it crime rate also in hensing at an alarming rate. People are not able to get a job and start to do robbery just to get money. Most of the individual being to take drugs and lead like a dog life.

As every lock has a key similarly the problem of the population can also be solved there are are lots of remedies available firstly government should run awareness program to reduce the rate of population in the country moreover government should impose tax rate on the demons who have more than two children it will definitely help to solve the problem. The life of people will become bed of roses for them. However 1 swellow does not make a summer so it is clear that the responsibility of controlling the population is not only lies with the government.

To recapitulate, overpopulation has become a problem so proper steps should be taken to cure it the economy of country will erase and unemployment will be reduced. The proper resource will not available to the country so it is more clear that how population can case problem.