Define Void ratio Equation With void Ratio Formula

Void ratio definition 

soil mass contains voids(free space between solid) which fill by Water and air. the void Ratio is the volume of voids divides by volume of solids. it's Denoted by (e) letter.

Now because voids fill by air and water so we take 

Va+Vw =Vv  and
volume of solids = Vs

So e = Vv / Vs 

Void ratio express in decimal ex- 0.3, 0.6 etc now

the void ratio greater than 1 mean soil contains voids more than the volume of solid. and less than mean reverse case.

the coarse grain soil is less void ratio than fine grain soil because fine grain soil is the mixture of small particles that particle contains chemical charge which not allows coming closer the particle. because particle does not come closer so its space fills with voids.

The generally void ratio is used in the calculation because we separate void volume and solid volume. if change happens its effect only one value as compare to porosity where both value change.

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