Capillary Potential and Capillary Siphoning in Dam Definition

By: Sr vini

Before you learn Capillary Potential,  we highly recommended seeing lesson 1st and 2nd and 3rd for the better understanding

Capillary Potential –

the tendency which the soil hold the capillary water is measured in term of the capillary potential.
it defined as work done to take water from the mass of soil.
dear friends, we know the Capillary force is negative so we can relate it with capillary potential and say its always negative and max value is zero.
From the Capillary water tension we now when water content decreases the tension increase. from these we say
when water content minimum the capillary potential is minimum.

Capillary Siphoning Definition

Capillary siphoning happen when the water flows upward due to capillary action. From this upward flow result, the capillary water flows over the core from the storage reservoir to the downstream side.

capillary siphoning is prevented by increasing the height of the impervious core above the capillary range.