[Bulk Density] and [Porosity] Relation

By: Sr vini

Relationship between bulk density and porosity

last time we discuss three-phase diagram of volumetric relation (void ratio, porosity, etc), now there are many interrelations between them which is really important in whole soil engineering, today we see relationship Between Bulk density,  porosity, and Degree of saturation. Which is one of them,

To star We draw a three-phase diagram in term of Porosity

this diagram satisfied void ratio and porosity relation.

Geotechnical Engineering
Finding the density in the form of specific gravity. firstly find the degree of saturation in the form of porosity
Geotechnical Engineering
next time when we put Sn in place of nw it gives the shape to our equation. 
Bulk density, porosity and Degree of saturation relationship
finally, we find the density of solid in the form of specific gravity 
three phase diagram in term of Porosity.
Finally, the last step is just taking common value ρw outside of the equation and we get 
ρ = [G(1-n) + sn] ρw

this is the relationship of Bulk density, porosity, and Degree of saturation, 
The all above Process also called three-phase diagram in term of Porosity.
Also, you can check the relationship between void-ratio, specific gravity, and degree of saturation
for complete understanding, for see our three-phase diagram chapter its cover almost all problem.