10 Lines on Vegetables in English for Kids

  • Vegetables are the main part of our food.
  • Vegetables are good for our health.
  • Vegetables are low in price and high in nutrition.
  • It is important for all of us.
  • Green Vegetables are like honeydew for us.
  • Vegetables are also used in junk foods.
  • We can plant Vegetables even in our houses.
  • In India we have a large variety of vegetables.
  • Vegetables are also used as herbs in medicines.
  • There is a great business of vegetables.
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10 Lines on Unity in Diversity in English for Kids

  • Unity in Diversity means an interaction between many types of people.
  • Unity in Diversity means remaining united even after living separately.
  • I am living in a society of Unity in Diversity.
  • India is a country of different traditions and culture.
  • Unity in Diversity can be seen at schools, colleges or workplace etc.
  • Working with diverse people provides us an option to become free in nature.
  • Unity in Diversity enhances the quality of teamwork.
  • India is a best example of Unity in Diversity.
  • Unity in Diversity helps to make our life good.
  • Without Unity in Diversity our life is like hell.
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10 Lines on Umbrella in English for Kids

  • Umbrella is made to protect a people from rain.
  • Umbrella is also made to protect a people from sunrays.
  • Umbrella is made up of a stick of metal or wood and a peace of fabric.
  • Umbrella is a portable device.
  • Umbrella is a self held device.
  • Modern umbrella are so small that they can even fit in handbag.
  • We can share Umbrella with our friend also.
  • We can carry Umbrella anywhere.
  • Umbrella can protect us from snowfall.
  • When the Umbrella is wet, we can easily dry it.
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10 Lines on Tortoise in English for Kids

  • Tortoise are reptile species.
  • Tortoise walks very slowly.
  • Tortoise live on earth and water.
  • Tortoise has a shield to protect.
  • Tortoise mainly found near the sea.
  • They are very small in size.
  • Tortoises are the longest-living land animals .
  • They can live even 150 years.
  • The brain of Tortoise is very small in size.
  • Land Tortoise are herbivorous in nature.
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10 Lines on Sun in English for Kids

  • Sun is a star
  • Sun is larger than the Earth.
  • Sun always rises from the East.
  • Sun always falls in the west.
  • Sun is the major source of energy.
  • Sun is the source of light.
  • Sun also gives energy to the plants.
  • Sun is the major source of Vitamin D.
  • In India the sun is treated as a god.
  • Sun also emits the UV rays.
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10 Lines on Rose Flower in English for Kids

  • Rose is the most famous and common flower in India.
  • The fragrance of rose flower is very gentle and good.
  • There are different varieties of rose flower.
  • Rose flower can be of red, white, yellow, black colour etc. 
  • Most common Rose flower is of red colour.
  • Most of the rose flowers found in Asia.
  • Rose flowers can be planted in homes also.
  • The flowers of most species have 5 petals.
  • Dog roses are very rich in vitamin c.
  • We can give bouquets of flowers to people.
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10 Lines on Earth Day in English for Kids

  • Earth day is the day marked for the environment.
  • It comes every year.
  • It is celebrated on 22 April every year.
  • It is celebrated to make people aware about earth.
  • Its motive is to save earth.
  • It promotes the saving of trees.
  • More and more trees are planted on this day.
  • It creates awareness to safeguard the environment. 
  • Steps are taken to solve environmental issues. 
  • It promotes to keep the earth clean and green.
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